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Carlos Batista

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Carlos Batista and I graduated with a degree in Medicine at the Federal University of Ceara at Brazil in 2006. Since then I have been developing research at PET Center Children’s Hospital of Michigan as a part of a neuroscience team composed by people with different backgrounds (Medicine, Physics, Pharmacology, Psychology etc). Given my interest in neuroscience, I decided to take a step further and achieve a degree in the field, and right now I’m a PhD student from the Translational Neuroscience Program at Wayne State University. The projects I’m currently involved with are related to neurobiology of epileptic diseases. We are wondering how particular conditions, such Tuberous Sclerosis and certain brain malformations, make the neurons fire off widely. Our approach in this endeavor explores tools like neuroimaging and molecular biology techniques, trying to extract as much information from the brain in a relentless pursuit to open the black box of this marvelous organ.

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