School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Harry T. Chugani, M.D.

Chief, Pediatric Neurology & Developmental Pediatrics
Director, P.E.T.
Professor of Pediatrics, Neurology & Radiology



 Institution and Location Degree Year Conferred Field of Study
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. M.D. 1976


Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois Resident 1976-1977 Pediatrics
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Resident 1977-1978 Pediatrics
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Resident 1978-1981 Neurology
Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. Fellow 1981 Pediatric Neurology
UCLA, Los Angeles, California Fellow 1982 Nuclear Medicine

Professional Experience
1981 – 1988: Assistant Professor, Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine
1988 – 1993: Associate Professor, Departments of Neurology and Pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine
1981 – 1991: Consultant in Pediatric Neurology, Olive View Medical Center, Los Angeles
1990 – 1992: Instructor, Division of Nuclear Medicine and Biophysics, UCLA School of Medicine
1993 – Present: Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Neurology and Radiology; Director, Positron Emission Tomography
Center – Children’s Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University
1999 – Present: Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurology, Children’s Hospital of Michigan

Honors and Awards
1984 – 1989: Teacher Investigator Developmental Award
1986 – 1987: UCLA Pediatrics Faculty Scholar Award
1986 – 1987: Young Investigator Award, Association of Indian Neuroscientists
1997: Invited expert to testify on research progress in child brain development, United States Senate
Subcommittee, Washington, D.C.
1997: Invited to participate on the White House Committee on Developmental Medicine President and Mrs. Clinton, Washington, D.C.
1997: Niilo Hallman Award for Outstanding Research in Pediatrics.  Helsinki, Finland
1998: Sunny Days Award, Sesame Street Parents

Selected Refereed Publications
Chugani HT, Phelps ME:  Maturational changes of cerebral function in the infant determined by FDG positron emission tomography. Science 231: 840-843, 1986.

Chugani HT, Mazziotta JC, Engel J Jr., Phelps ME:  Lennox-Gastaut syndrome:  Metabolic subtypes determined by 18FDG positron emission tomography.  Ann Neurol 21: 4-13, 1987.

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Chugani HT, Shewmon DA, Peacock WJ, Shields WD, Mazziotta JC, Phelps ME:  Surgical treatment of intractable neonatal-onset
seizures:  The role of positron emission tomography.  Neurology 38: 1178-1188, 1988.

Chugani HT
, Mazziotta JC, Phelps ME:  Sturge-Weber syndrome:  A study of cerebral glucose utilization with positron emission
tomography.  J Pediatrics 114:  244-253, 1989.

Chugani HT
, Shewmon DA, Shields WD, Peacock WJ, Phelps ME: Pediatric Epilepsy surgery:  Pre-and post-operative evaluation
with PET.  J. Epilepsy 3 (Suppl):  75-82, 1990.

Chugani HT, Shields WD, Shewmon DA, Olson DM, Phelps ME, Peacock WJ:  Infantile spasms:  PET identifies focal cortical
dysgenesis in cryptogenic cases for surgical treatment.  Ann Neurol, 27:  406-413, 1990.

Chugani HT, Hovda DA, Villablanca JR, Phelps ME, Xu WF:  Metabolic maturation of the brain:  A study of local cerebral glucose utilization in the cat.  J. Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 11:  35-47, 1991.

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positron emission tomography.  Ann Neurol 31:  212-219, 1992.

Chugani HT
, Dietrich RB:  Sturge-Weber Syndrome:  Recent Developments in Neuroimaging and Surgical Considerations.  Fetal
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Chugani HT
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Chugani HT, Rintahaka PJ, Shewmon DA:  Ictal patterns of cerebral glucose utilization in children with epilepsy.  Epilepsia 35:
813-822, 1994.

Chugani HT, Jacobs B:  Metabolic recovery in caudate nucleus of children following cerebral hemispherectomy.  Ann Neurol 36:
794-797, 1994.

Chugani HT:  The role of PET in childhood epilepsy.  J Child Neurol 9 (Suppl) S82-S88, 1994.

Chugani HT, Conti JR:  Etiological classification of infantile spasms in 140 cases:  Role of positron emission tomography.  J Child Neurol 11:  44-48, 1996.

Chugani HT, da Silva E, Chugani DC:  Infantile spasms: III. Prognostic implications of bilateral hypometabolism on positron
emission tomography.  Ann Neurol 39:  643-649, 1996.

Chugani DC, Muzik O, Charkraborty PK, Mangner T, Chugani HT:  Human brain serotonin synthesis capacity measured in vivo with alpha-[C-11]methyl-L-tryptophan. Synapse 28: 33-43, 1998.

Chugani DC, Chugani HT, Muzik O, Shah JR, Shah AK, Canady AL, Mangner TJ, Charkraborty PK:  Imaging epileptogenic tubers in children with tuberous sclerosis complex using alpha{C-11}-methy-L-tryptophan PET.  Ann Neurol 44: 858-866, 1998.

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Juhász C, Nagy F, Watson C, de Silva EA, Muzik O, Chugani DC, Shah J, Chugani HT: In vivo alterations of glucose metabolism and benzodiazepine receptor binding of thalamic nuclei in temporal lobe epilepsy.  Neurology  53:2037-2045, 1999.

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Dulac O, Chugani HT, Dalla Bernardina B (Eds):  Infantile Spasms and West Syndrome.  Saunders, London, 1994.

Research Projects (Ongoing or Completed During the Last 3 years)

"Localization of epileptic foci with PET in children"
Principal Investigator: HT Chugani MD
Agency: NINDS
Type RO1 NS 34488  Period: 9/15/00 - 8/31/05
The major goal of this project is to provide improved noninvasive localization of epileptogenetic brain tissue in children with medically uncontrolled epilepsy who are being evaluated for surgical treatment.

“Imaging tryptophan metabolism in children with epilepsy”
Principal Investigator:  DC Chugani PhD
Co-PI:  HT Chugani MD
Agency:  NINDS
Type R01 NS45151 Period:  1/1/04 – 12/31/07
The major goal of the project is to determine abnormalities of brain tryptophan metabolism in children (not TSC) with focal cortical epilepsy.

“Longitudinal neuroimaging in Sturge-Weber syndrome”
Principal Investigator:  C Juhasz MD PhD
Co-Investigator:  HT Chugani MD
Agency:  NINDS
Type:  R01 NS41922 Period: 7/1/03-6/30/07                                        
The major goal of this project is to identify neuroimaging markers which may be used as diagnostic predictors of clinical progression of Sturge-Weber syndrome.

"Brain serotonin synthesis in autism"
Principal Investigator: DC Chugani PhD
Co-PI: HT Chugani MD
Agency: NICHD  Type: RO1 HD34942  Period:  12/15/98 - 11/30/01
The major goal of this project is to determine global and regional abnormalities of serotonin synthesis in autistic children.

"Imaging tryptophan metabolism in tuberous sclerosis"
Principal Investigator: DC Chugani PhD
Co-PI: HT Chugani MD
Agency: NINDS Type: RO1 NS/RR38324  Period: 2/1/99 - 1/31/04
The major goal of this project is to determine abnormalities in brain tryptophan metabolism via the serotonin and/or kynurenine pathway in children with tuberous sclerosis.

“Ontogeny of human GABAA receptor complex measured with PET”
PI:  Otto Muzik PhD
Co-PI:  Harry T. Chugani M.D.
Agency:  NICHD Type R01 HD40007  Funded for period 9/29/00 – 9/28/03
The major goal of this project is to study the changes with age of the GABAA receptor in brain in vivo in children with epilepsy using
[C-11]flumazenil PET.

“Software tools for pediatric neuroimaging”
Principal Investigator:  O Muzik PhD
Co-Investigator:  HT Chugani MD
Agency:  NICHD Type:  R01 DA015919 Period:  10/01/02 – 9/30/04
The major goal of this project is develop a method for the objective determination of bilateral functional abnormalities in PET image volumes.

“Radiopharmaceutical tracers for progenitor cells”
Principal Investigator:  T Mangner PhD
Co-Investigator: HT Chugani MD
Agengy:  DOE Type:  DE-FG02-03R63607 Funding period:  08/15/03 – 08/14/04
The major goal of this project is to synthesize new positron emitting radioisotopes to label progenitor cells in the brain and to test them in animal models.