Since January 1994, the PET Center at Children's Hospital of Michigan has provided a variety of scans, both clinical and research, to patients of all ages from Michigan and abroad.  Children's Hospital of Michigan, Wayne State University, and other members of the Detroit Medical Center share this substantial resource with the community to detect seizure epileptic foci, to determine serotonin synthesis capacity in autism and tuberous sclerosis, to evaluate heart disorders and cardiac viability, and to identify malignant diseases or tumors and to monitor their therapy.

Children's Hospital of Michigan (CHM), the only freestanding children's hospital in the state, is a private, nonprofit, 245-bed hospital that has been treating children since 1886. Specialists in all areas of Pediatric Medicine, Surgery, and Nursing provide care for children from birth to adolescence, and from infancy to adulthood at the PET Center. The staff at CHM addresses patients' needs as caregivers, educators, researchers and advocates.  CHM is a member of the Detroit Medical Center (DMC), which is the academic health center for Wayne State University.

PET Studies Performed

Detection of epileptic foci in children with seizures using [F-18]Deoxyglucose or [C-11]Flumazenil.

Determination of serotonin synthesis capacity in autism using [C-11]alpha-methyl-tryptophan

Evaluation of heart disorders in infants with congenital heart disease using [N-13]Ammonia, [C-11]Acetate and [C-11] Hydroxyephedrine.